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Jas (Splendouras was founded on 1/4/08

We hope that u will enjoy online shopping with us.

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terms and conditions
- Goods sold are non refundable or exchangable.

- No deadbuyer.

- 1st pay, 1st serve basis

- Colour of items might defer slightly due to lighting during photo shoot.

- Splendouras reserve the right to change the postage prices when deem right.

- Items will only be sent out after receiving payment.

- No cancelling of confirmed items.

- Goods sold here are all brand new unless otherwise stated.

- Splendouras will not be responsible for all items lost or damages during postage or courier.

- We at Splendouras take pride in checking and cleaning the items before sending out thus kindly check your own items. Still, goods sold are non refundable.

- No swaps allowed.

- Please be punctural for meetup.

- Reservation will only be allowed for 3 days.

methods of payment
- we accept bank transfer only

- please make payment within 3 day.

- Alternate payment through Paypal

methods of collection

- Either by normal or registered local postage or courier. Cost will be advised upon confirmation

- Do refer to below:

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Free Counters
Monday, December 13, 2010
New Arrivals (Dec) ? 2:02 AM

New Brand!!!
Research & made in Korea!!!
Limited stocks, imported in!!!

9pcs Synthetic brush set

Measurements: (case when folded up) 22.5cm x 10cm

Price: $30 ($3.33 per brush)
Item code: CO 001

Brush Cleanser
It clean, disinfect & condition the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer.

Price: $12.50 (255ml)
Item code: CO 002

Eyes Masks

Pink:Firming & Revitalise (Spot treatment for eye zone, brighten, hydrate, improve elasticity. Formulated with firming collagen & pomegranate extract, vitamin E that fight aging signs, diminshing fine lines appearance, restore resillience & youthful look to the eye area.)

Blue: Brightening (Spot treatment for eye zone, brighten, hydrate, improve elasticity. Formulated with pearl extract that helps to lighten dark circle appearance, blotches & uneven skin tone. Witch Hazel extract to reduce dark circle & such improve eye puffiness problem.)

12 pairs in a pack (24 pcs)

Price: $10 each ($0.83 per pair)
Item code: CO 003 (blue or pink)

SunScreen Lip Balm SPF 30 (*product of Italy)

Vitamin enriched lip balm stick for daily lip moisture and chapped lips. It is rich, soft & melting formula, giving lips a luminous finish. It contains natural sunscreen & vitamin E, refine & repair cells, decrease trans-epidermal water loss & prevent irritation which may occur after sun exposure.

Price: $7 each (5g)
Item code: CO 004 (a- Raspberry (right), b- Fancy Peach (left), c- Sweet Vanilla(top)

Nourishing Lip Balm (made in Taiwan)

Price: $6.50 (8g)
Item code: CO 005

Sparkle Magic Powder

Highlight & create the sparkle eye look. Instantly add glowing, shining effect, with single roll-on. The glittering pear power instant brighten the overall complexion.

Price: $14 (2g)
Item code: CO 006 (pink)

Quick Colour for hair

The quick hair colour gel instantly stain your hair in seconds for your daily mood. Rinse off with hair shampoo for normal colour.

Price: $10 each (50ml)
Item code: CO 007 (a- Fire Red, b-Fancy Gold, c- Jade Green, d- Jewelry Blue)

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