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Jas (Splendouras was founded on 1/4/08

We hope that u will enjoy online shopping with us.

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terms and conditions
- Goods sold are non refundable or exchangable.

- No deadbuyer.

- 1st pay, 1st serve basis

- Colour of items might defer slightly due to lighting during photo shoot.

- Splendouras reserve the right to change the postage prices when deem right.

- Items will only be sent out after receiving payment.

- No cancelling of confirmed items.

- Goods sold here are all brand new unless otherwise stated.

- Splendouras will not be responsible for all items lost or damages during postage or courier.

- We at Splendouras take pride in checking and cleaning the items before sending out thus kindly check your own items. Still, goods sold are non refundable.

- No swaps allowed.

- Please be punctural for meetup.

- Reservation will only be allowed for 3 days.

methods of payment
- we accept bank transfer only

- please make payment within 3 day.

- Alternate payment through Paypal

methods of collection

- Either by normal or registered local postage or courier. Cost will be advised upon confirmation

- Do refer to below:

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Free Counters
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Natural Necklaces ? 9:52 PM

As the story goes....

Going back to the Nature...

A girl went to a garden for a walk....
Length: 75cm
Item code: LN021
Price: S$12

She seats on a bench... How she wishes the bench was a wishing chair....

Length: 61.5cm
Item code:
Price: S$12

She saw a man with a bird in the cage passing by...
Length: 85.5cm
Item code: LN023
Price: S$12

She wishes for the bird to be set free...

Length: 70.5cm
Item code:
Price: S$12

She takes out something to eat from her bag...

Length: 62cm
Item code:
Price: S$12

Yummy chocolate...
It is good to be back to the nature, she told herself... :-)

Length: 86cm
Item code:
Price: S$13.50

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Thursday, July 8, 2010
Ampoules ? 4:09 AM

France Facial/ Hair /Body Ampoules (3ml per vial)

All skin types

Collagen Ampoules - All skin types. Improve skin’s elasticity for a firmer, anti-aging skin. Can be used as a make-up base for a long lasting effect.

DNA Ampoules - All skin types. Product with minimizes wrinkle, firming & moisturizing effect. Can be used as a make-up base for long lasting effect. For mature skin, not recommended for sensitive skin.

Firming Ampoules - All skin types. Restores elasticity, tightens and firms up saggy skin.

Trace Elements Ampoules (Moisture) - All skin types. Moisturizing treatment for especially dehydrated skin. Replenish high level of moisture, gives soft and supple touch to the skin.

Vitamin C Ampoules - All skin types. Helps to refine pores, gives radiance and improve scars & marks. Not recommended for acne skin.

Whitening Ampoules - All skin types especially pigmentation and freckles skin. Reduces dark melanin cells, giving a brighter and radiance look.

Elastin Ampoules - All skin types. Restore skin's elasticity & suppleness. Prevent formation of fine lines.

Lifting Astringent Ampoules - All skin types & young skin. Strengthen skin's elasticity, suppleness & firmness. Refines skin texture & minimises orange-peel effect.  of fine lines
Sensitive & Dry Skin Type
Soothing Ampoules - For sensitive skin, diffuse redness. Neutralise the suppleness of skin, calms irritation & inflammation.

Azulen Ampoules - Dedicate and sensitive skin. Soothing effect to helps the skin recover its natural comfort and softness.

Fresh Cells Ampoules - Dry and aging skin. Helps to revitalize & regenerate new cells.For young skin.

Oily Skin
Mandarine Ampoules - Pimple, oily and open pores skin. Minimizes pores, regulate oil sebum for a smoother and suppler look.

Purifying Ampoules - Pimple, oily and
acne skin. Rebalance the oil glands, control pimple and acne from breaks out. Calming
and antiseptic effect.

Others Ampoules

Eye Pouch Ampoules - Lifting of the eye. Helps to reduce fine wrinkles and prevent occurrence of premature ageing.
Bust Ampoules - Regenerate and stimulate natural development of the delicate breast tissue Not only enhancing breasts but also helps restructure elastic fibers enabling firmer, fuller volume of the bust Moisturize and soften breast skin as well
Item code: FA - (name of ampoules) (Have some instocks)
Price: $13 (mix & match of 10 vials)

Hair Ampoule

Hair Ampoules – A leave-in conditioner that adds gloss and shine for visible sleek and manageable results, it also moisturises the hair.

Item code: HA - (name of ampoules) (Have some instocks)
Price: $30

Body Ampoule

Thermo Active Ampoules (Body Slimming) - Slimming of the body. Treatment for localised cellulite and obesity through thermo therapy. Used over an extended period of time to help prevent cellulite formation. Will have warm sensation after applying. Use together with the Body Firming Ampoules for better results.
Body Firming Ampoules - Firming of the body. Tightens and firms up loose and saggy skin. Use together with the Thermo Active Ampoules for better results.

Item code: BA - (name of ampoules) (Have some instocks)
Price: $28 (mix & match of 10 vials)

1. How are the ampoules used for face and body? Any usage directions?
->Usage Directions for face: After cleanse & toning, apply ampoules onto face. Apply moisturiser thereafter to increase the absorption of the ampoules.
Usage Directions for body: Massage ampoules onto areas you wish to slim down/firm up (tummy,thighs,arms) until complete absorption.

**Ampoules are recommended to use up within one day upon opening of the vial.

Normally, I would use half of the ampoule in the morning and the other half (which is transferred to the storage bottle) at night.

2. Must the ampoules be used everyday to see the effects?
->You will see the results faster by using it everyday. Initially when you use it, you will notice the effect quite significantly, as time goes by, you won't notice it as much. It doesn't mean that the ampoules are not taking effect but they are just maintaining the effect.

3. How can we use the ampoules for better results?
->I would recommend applying the ampoules before putting on any masks. Applying ampoules before your mask aids the absorption of nutrients, thus doubling the benefits of the mask.

4. What is the manufacturing country of the ampoules?
-> The ampoules are Formulated in France, which means that the manufacturing company follows France’s quality control and it is made in Malaysia.

5. For the Body Firming ampoules, should I use it alone or must I use it together with Thermo Active ampoules?
-> Its best to use the Thermo Active first than the Body Firming for better results, but it also depends on individuals. This is because some people only have saggy skin (mostly on the arms) therefore; they would use the Body Firming ampoule alone.

6. Are Thermo Active and Body Firming ampoules effective?
-> From the previous experience of the ladies who used it before, they told me that they found it to be effective and a lot cheaper from what they pay to get the same results in the market. But of course it depends on how frequent you use the ampoules. My advice is to use it everyday for 2 consecutive weeks for best results.

7. Is 1 vial of Thermo Active ampoule enough for the thighs, tummy and arms?
->The amount of body ampoules is 10ml per vial. It depends on how much you would want to use this amount to apply onto the tummy, thigh and arm areas.

8. After applying the Thermo Active ampoules, is it normal to become red & hot? If I come into contact with another person after applying, will it be transferred to her also?
-> Not to worry, its normal for the skin to be red and hot, it means that the Thermo Active ampoules are taking effect. Please also be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying or you may use a disposable glove when applying the Thermo Active on. It may be transferred to another person when comes into contact directly after applying as the ampoules have not been absorbed into the skin completely. It is always better to use a disposable glove when applying.

9. Where shall I apply the Hair Ampoules on?
-> Its suppose to apply on the hair itself, not on the scalp as its suppose to be a leave-in conditioner for the hair.

10. Whenever I break open the bottles for the face ampoules and apply on the face, will tend to have the bits of glass. What is the best way to avoid this?
-> I would usually open the glass vial with just only my thumb (wrap it with tissue if not experienced) to break it open. Try not to use two thumbs or both hands to break it as it tends to have more bits of glass as we exert more force. Sometimes, I do have the same situation but we just have to be more careful in handling the glass vials.

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